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The mission of Choice Financial is to create and provide customized financial solutions for our clients. We understand that debt can accumulate fast, life happens! All situations are different, as well as personal, so we make sure to look at each client’s objectives and put into place the most efficient and effective plan to achieve their desired goal. At Choice Financial, we work to serve our clients and our success stories are our reward. Our team maintains a high degree of professionalism while capitalizing on our vast level of experience within the financial lending world.

We work diligently to provide our clients with all of the financial information they need to make sound financial decisions moving forward. Our goal is to provide education, a financial solution, as well as set our clients up for success in the future. At Choice Financial, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible solution for our clients to become financially free. Speed and versatility are some of the key components we can offer our clients as we help you achieve your dreams. Life isn’t simple, but a personal loan with Choice Financial is…let us help you today!


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Important Legal Disclosures & Information

* This website and the information it contains are in connection with unsecured, closed-end personal loans referred by Choice Financial. All loan requests are funded by a third party. Choice Financial has no control over any participating lender’s creditworthiness eligibility criteria. APR/interest rates will vary depending on your specific circumstances and each individual lender’s terms, and range from 4.99%–35.99%. Loan amounts range from $2,000 -- $100,000. Loan repayment terms range from 6 months to 60 months. Not all who respond to this offer will qualify for the lowest interest rate or the maximum loan amount, as excellent credit is required for the best terms.

Choice Financial does not endorse any participating lenders or broker, and will not charge you for referring you to a participating lender. Choice Financial is not a lender or creditor, and does not act as a loan broker, debt relief or settlement provider, or a credit services organization. Choice Financial merely performs research related to its network of lenders and refers you to participating lenders with whom you then deal directly. For details or questions concerning the specifics of a particular loan offer, please contact the relevant lender. Lenders may perform credit checks in order to evaluate your eligibility. This service is not available in all states and does not constitute an offer or solicitation for loan products that are prohibited by any state law. Void where prohibited.

Lenders we refer to you may be unable to extend credit if the lender determines that you do not meet, or no longer meet, the criteria for which you were initially approved for an offer. Loan approval is subject to verification and confirmation of certain information, including, but not limited to, your identity, credit history, and acceptance by the lender. Choice Financial or relevant lenders may request verification of relevant information, including income, employment, or other information. Your APR will be determined based on verification of your credit and other criteria at time of completing the lender’s loan application.

** In order to check your loan options with the lenders in Choice Financial’s network, Choice Financial will perform a “soft” credit pull, which will not affect your credit score, to review your credit report information. Choice Financial will use the information obtained from this soft credit pull to determine the options available to you. If you decide to proceed with one of the available loan options, and choose to complete a loan application, the lender will request your full credit report from one or more of the consumer reporting agencies. This is considered a “hard” credit pull and may affect your credit score.